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Human activities profoundly changing oceans — for the worse

“The oceans are changing faster than we can understand them.” That’s James Cameron, quoted by David Gallo in Huffington Post. Gallo explains that although oceans cover over 70 percent of Earth’s surface, “We’ve explored less than 5 percent of the world beneath the waves.” But that doesn’t stop us from profoundly affecting it. “Whatever you put on the ground or in the air stands a very good chance of making its way out to the sea. If you look at Earth from space, it’s tough to see the 7 billion people who call this planet home. We are almost like a virus on this planet and just like a virus we have managed to make the planet ‘sick.’ It may be difficult to believe but our activities over time have changed the temperature and the chemistry of the global ocean. Anyone with an aquarium knows that if you change the temperature and chemistry of the water, you’re asking for trouble… big trouble.”


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